What is ViolaCare.com and what does it do?
ViolaCare.com is software for non-skilled home health care agencies and adult day care centers. It consists of the following parts:
  • Client Charts (E-Charts)
    • Information about your clients (demographics, case notes)
    • Documents: Intakes, Assessments, Plans Of Care and any other documents you want.
    • Android tablet app which allows you to enter any documents.
    • Keeps track of expiring documents to help you stay in compliance.
  • Schedule
    Helps you to:
    • Ensure you are providing an authorized number of hours.
    • Ensure your employees are not scheduled at two places at once.
    • Document and keep track of service changes.
  • Billing
    Allows you to:
    • Create and submit claims to Medicaid, HMOs and other private insurances.
    • Import electronic remittances.
    • Keep track of and manage claims.
  • Reports
    • Easy to use Accounts Receivable.
    • Expiring prior authorizations tracking.
    • Expiring employee licenses and vaccinations tracking.
    • Lists of clients and employees.
    • Payroll reports and data export to ADP (or other payroll software packages).
Why do I want to use this software?
We are committed to excellence! If you find anything our competitors do better, please let us know, we will improve our product to be better than the competition.
How is it going to work?
This software is web-based, so you do not have to worry about updates and backups. Just sign up and start using it. If you like the software and decide you want to use it, we can do an initial setup which includes:
  • Transfer of your data into our database.
  • Integration with your telephony vendor, if you use one.
  • Eligibility check setup for payers supporting it.
  • Integration with payroll system you use.
  • Creation of the claim appeal forms for each payer you bill to.
  • Creation of Prior Authorization request forms for each payer.
The initial setup should take 2-4 weeks. If you need additional customizations contact us.
But what about my data?
Once you sign up, you will have an ability to download daily backups of your data. We use PostgreSQL as our database management system. It is free and open source, so you can install a local copy of the database, put your data into it and run whatever reports/exports you wish on your own computer.
Is there a training required to use the software?
There is no mandatory training required to use the software. Please take a look at tutorials available here. You can also use our training database and learn by doing. If you have any questions or need an additional training, please contact us.
How will it adapt to the specific changes we need?
If the change/improvement you need is not specific to your company (other home health agencies need that too), we will do it for free. If it is specific, we would need to take a look at what exactly you need to give you an exact quote.